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I made a mistake while recording last week. I was making a new episode of the Women Talking About Learning podcast and using a new portable recorder. I’ve practiced with it a dozen times with the wind cover on and had taken it off to store the recorder.

I started recording with the wind cover off and had issue with plosives in pretty much every recording.

I gave myself 40 minutes work and a less than perfect recording for not making a test recording and listening back.

Do I need training in how to record using this device? I don’t think so but it’s the kind of event which organisations seize upon to use as an excuse to develop training material.

It’s OK to let some mistakes happen and let people learn from them.

One thought on “Mistakes

  1. Been there! Early on hosting the Coffee Chat, the person who edits the audio asked to me make a separate audio file using Audacity. No problem, I’ve used audacity a hundred times. Time to start the Coffee Chat, I hit the record on Audacity – fast forward – I forgot to hit the record on Zoom. An hour worth of just my voice. 😫 This is what happens when you think a process is too easy for a checklist. MIstakes happen!


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