Tell me what’s happening now, and next

Sign saying 'Next BIG THING'
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In learning I am often asked what has worked in the past. This is about knowing which legends contain a grain of truth, what success other people have had and how to capitalise and scale these successes. Some people want future success to be built around other people’s missteps.

I am also asked about what is happening now. This is about being aware of who is doing what and, especially, knowing how people are using technology. This is a vast space; one person’s common practice is another’s innovation so the breadth of practice is extensive.

I’m more regularly now being asked what will happen next.

In many ways it’s guesswork. Knowing the wider context we work in, understanding the external factors that have an impact on learning isn’t enough. Knowing the impact across wider business and performance is expected and this is where we guess. Can you say what the effect of immigration policy will have on reskilling in the UK in the next 12-18 months, and how will we need to use technology to support whatever its impact is?

When people ask what will be hot, remember they need to know it in their context, industry, and role.

Keep informed and up to date and you’ll at least be making educated guesses.

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