Consumption and experience

Black and white picture of an analogue TV with an internal aerial on a wooden stand.
Photo by Andre Moura on

My son and I were talking about how technology had sped things up – the idea of accessing TV programmes at any time on my mobile would have been unheard of 20 years ago. I was telling him about how following football scores on Teletext was a thing on a Saturday afternoon and he laughed as he pulled up the goals to watch on his phone within minutes of the final whistle being blown.

Later, I was watching some concert footage from the 70s and struck by how similar thigs were. Artists on stage, amplified through speakers, light show, audience in front of the stage etc. There have been some changes since – audiences in the round, video screens, larger arenas, etc. but the thing is ostensibly the same.

The football scores are consumption.

The concert is an experience.

Learning is a combination of consumption and experience. You need to make sure you’re not just designing for one of them.

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