Who wants a go?

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It’s International Women’s Day on 8th March. I probably don’t need to tell you since you’ll have been bombarded with dozens of requests to speak, webinars to watch, podcasts to be on, and so on. The theme you’ll see is #EmbraceEquity. You’ll know it’s this as you’ll see pictures of people hugging themselves, embracing equity.

I don’t do performative actions – producing a women only podcast, not speaking at events not balanced by men and women etc. are active ways to demonstrate my commitment to equity. It’s not something to be embraced – it’s something to be worked on, targeted and challenged where it doesn’t exist. So we’re going to do something non-performative.

I’m offering women readers of my blog posts the opportunity to amplify their message. The blog will be open for women to send me a blog post. I’m lucky that, as a middle aged (apparently) white man, I have privilege. I’m going to use that privilege to put your message out to more people.

The qualifiers are simple:

  • You must be a woman
  • No adverts
  • Your blog needs to be no more than 120 words

The only reason for the 120 word limit is that this is the limit at which most people will likely read – I can find you the data from my blogs if you want to see this. If I get more than one submission, I’ll keep posting them until they run out.

Send them to me via my email or LinkedIn messaging and I’ll stack them up for International Women’s Day.

One way to #EmbraceEquity on #IWD2023 is to take advantage of the opportunities offered to you – make sure you take them.

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