Brace yourselves

A photo of a rollercoaster looking through a couple of loops in the track as a yellow car full of people travels through the loop.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and some good things will be happening. I had drafted an incredible cynical post for today, but realised that it wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours and made me look a bit of a twit.

So I deleted that post and am reminding you my blog and LinkedIn posts will be taken over by women. I mentioned it a couple of weeks back that my blog was going to be handed over to women to publish whatever they wanted and I’m delighted to tell you we have posts. There are too many to publish on one day so they’ll start tomorrow and continue until they’re all done.

If you want to be part of this activity, please send me a post of no more than 120 words and I’ll help amplify your voice.


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