Habit Change

A women's hand holding a clicker which reads '0006'

Another #IWD2023 blog post, this time by Lindsey Brown from Clearwater Consulting.

This year is hurtling by and no doubt thoughts of #resolutions are forgotten.  So why are #habits so difficult to change.

The way to make a serious impact is awareness – NOTICE when it arises… Where am I? What am I thinking and feeling?

Move it from autopilot to a CONSCIOUS decision. Track it. 

Then consider:
– Triggers
– Why did I do it?
– How do I feel now that I’m aware?

The old-school clicker counter in this picture has been a game changer for me….

Clicking is a #consciousaction. It prompts me to notice what is going on and the counter allows me to monitor and compare. 

You will find your own way of tracking, good luck!

#habitchange #coaching #motivation #positivemindset #coaching #ItStartsWithMe

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