We want your voice

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com

Would you believe we need more women’s voices? We have recorded and prepared episodes of the Women Talking About Learning Podcast up to the middle of August this year. To keep ahead of the game and provide as much opportunity as we can, we want your voice.

We want to showcase new and diverse voices talking about the things that matter in learning. We have some guests but have found the more the merrier!

We are recording from June onwards and the topics we want to fill include:

  • The jealousy one
  • The ethics one
  • The profit one
  • The ROI one
  • The improv in training one
  • The approaching retirement one
  • The woman’s identity one
  • The invisibility one
  • The intergenerational one
  • The disabilty one
  • The adventurous one

Or is there a topic which you want to speak, or hear, about?

Please get in touch via the website if you are interested. Similarly, please let the people you want to hear from know about this great podcast.

Please comment...

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