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I mentioned on Friday I’d not prepared a blog post and I’ve had a long Bank Holiday weekend to think about it.

Firstly, I seem to have adopted new habits which have taken the time when I would write They’re not bad habits; they involve reviewing tender portals and the tenders I’m part of. It’s good time but is very much more operational than I’d like.

This operational activity extends to where a lot of my thinking has been recently. I’m talking to peole about their doing and spending less time thinking about the why.

Lastly, I have been lazy. I’ve been writing posts with less thought, less research, and less time editing. I’ve noticed spelling errors in my posts which I would never have made a while ago.

So what am I doing about it?

I’m putting time back into my calendar to prepare posts. The time I put to one side to review what I’ve been thinking and doing is always time well spent and, now having reviewed what I’m doing, feel its loss.

I’m planning ahead as well. There are things I’ll be doing throughout the year and I need to take more time to structure the process of blogging to make sure I’m working to a schedule and not just banging out poor quality ad hoc writing.

Lastly, I’m taking time out to read more. I’ve managed a poor 10 books year to date when I’m usually completing one a week. Reading the experiences of others and framing it in a context I understand is a key element of my work and with fewer inputs, it’s likely to lead to fewer outputs.

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