5 blog posts worth reading

Image from Flickr courtesy of Jon Matthies

I was going through my Evernote inbox over the weekend and realised that I’d clipped a ton of pieces that needed looking at.  Luckily I had some time yesterday evening and reckon these are worth a look:

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning
Interesting piece by TeachThought that looks at the characteristics from an education perspective.  Try to apply it to your L&D function and see how you compare.

A quick case for social technologies
Short and sweet, Harold Jarche’s summary of the benefits of social technologies is a winner.

When Networks Network
Really interesting piece in Science News on network structure; particularly back and forth failures.

Build your connections before you need your connections
I’m looking at networking within the workplace and there’s a few interesting ideas in Tony Doody’s post from last month.

How to use Evernote: The Missing Manual
Fabulous download from MakeUseOf.com that fills all the gaps in to make Evernote work for you.

My most recent top 5 – what’s stirred your interest recently?

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