What’s in the box?

Image from FlickR Courtesy of Out of Chicago

Can you name which film the title of this piece is from?  Leave an answer in the comments box.

An extra post this week because I loved the story about  how illiterate kids were given sealed boxes with tablets so much.  These children figured out how to use, master, and hack computers with no instruction.

The arguments raging across the world since the article was published are a great read:

What parameters were used to vindicate the expense?
End of public education in near…one to one will replace public and private education
Nice to try this sort of project
I don’t think the perfect blank experimental slate exists…money invested in teachers and classrooms would be better spent

There are many people way more informed than I to have these sort of arguments, particularly in terms of education.  I do, however,  wonder though what do you do when someone approaches you for IT training in the workplace?

Do you create a classroom experience and give them an elearning add-on?

Or do you give them a sealed box and ask them to work it out for themselves?

But how can we trust people to help other people learn?  Have a read of this piece from the excellent Steve Wheeler and ask why you can’t or (in my eyes worse) won’t create peer networks

Thoughts always welcome.

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