Just a tiny amount

Image from Pixabay
Image from Pixabay

I’ve seen a few blog posts and articles recently about what’s coming in 2015. How we’re going to things differently, the new technologies we’ll adopt, the new delivery systems, etc.

Take a 2 minutes to watch this video:

The animator is L&D, the business is the interviewer. We’re asked to develop something so we move things.

Just a tiny amount.

We recognise the change we make; we recognise our input.

But no-one else sees the movement of a tiny amount.

But our practice has changed.

Even if only by a tiny amount.

Most importantly we’ve moved the culture on.

I heard a super phrase in a webinar last year; if you can help me attribute it, please do so in the comments:

If you do something differently tomorrow the culture will be different from today

We may have only moved the culture on by a tiny amount but it’s a start; we have started building a change. And, like an animated film, after millions of tiny amounts we are part of something that is different to what it started out as.

What’s the tiny amount which you can do differently today?

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