Email to Learning and Development


Hi there, I wrote a memo to you a few years ago and thought it would be sensible to catch up again.

Doesn’t time fly? 4 years ago I was worried that you wanted me to personalise my learning; I now have the freedom to do what I want but now if it’s not counted on your platform it doesn’t count. That doesn’t feel right.

I wanted a test upfront but now I can potentially be assessed on EVERYTHING. That doesn’t feel right.

I wanted a frame to work within but you were too slow to respond and I now leap on YouTube, Quora, Twitter and LinkedIn to get that just in time help I need. That doesn’t feel right.

I wanted context, a space to put what I’d learned into practice. You’ve built me safe spaces and for some things, that’s a great step forward. For others, it feels artificial and less like real life and more like a game. That doesn’t feel right.

With all these channels, all this tech, all the gamified leaderboards, why do I feel as detached from your provision as I did 4 years ago?

That doesn’t feel right.

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