Life isn’t fair

I am re-reading ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’ and saw Haruki Murakami discussing how some people have to watch what they eat and balance their intakes of fat, protein and carbs. Without this, they put weight on and this has an effect on their health and how they feel about themselves. I’m one of those people.

Other people can seemingly eat what they want, devouring the sweetest treats without a care. I’m envious of my sons at these times. Like Murakami, as someone with a love for all things sweet, I used to think this wasn’t fair.

The same might be said for work. Some people can ease their way through the day, completing tasks with ease, creating and maintaining relationships while all the while appearing serene and in total control. Other people need to work at every element, putting in energy and work which others don’t have to. Again, some might think that isn’t fair.

But the person who has to work at it is benefiting from the drip, drip, drip of constant effort and the development of the habit of applying themselves.

As Murakami says:

Life can be tough, but as long as you don’t stint on the effort, your metabolism will greatly improve with these habits, and you’ll end up much healthier, not to mention stronger.

Keep up the energy and appreciate your efforts.

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