Clean start

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I wrote a while ago about how you shouldn’t launch on a Monday and, this being a Tuesday I’m heeding my own advice.

Today marks the launch of my new enterprise –

Llarn is for LnD people. Irrespective of where you are in your LnD career, there are things I can probably help with. Whether it’s the way you design, the way you deliver, the way you procure, manage, measure or commission external learning suppliers. I’m a coach and a mentor with a ton of experience in a ton of different things.

If you’re in learning management, I can help you with your team development, your development and the wider development of the learning function. I can help with your strategy and understanding your learning culture. I ‘get’ how to use the best in learning to create compelling and engaging learning resources.

Llarn is also aimed at HR people. I’ve worked in both worlds – Learning and HR – and I can help HR people make sense of how learning works, how talent management is an integrated function and how OD relates. I’ve worked in recruitment, onboarding, in HR data, performance management, apprenticeships and people retention. I can help make sense of the data you’ve got and how to apply it.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and there is a cast of thousands who have helped me on this journey. I hope to see you with me as we move it further along the road.

This time, this # has never had more relevance – #ItStartsWithMe

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