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Someone asked me the other day if writing a blog post a day means I give lots of stuff away for free.

The answer is ‘probably’.

If someone wanted to go through all my blog posts and assemble them into a more understandable order then they’re welcome to do so (with attribution of course). I think that’d be a bit pointless – the blog posts aren’t pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and, even if they were, the puzzle isn’t complete by a very long way.

I like to think of them as free samples; take one today and, when you want more of the same, you know where to come back to. The cost to me is minimal – the time of production – and there aren’t stock or inventory costs.

The scarce resources in the connection revolution are connection, attention and trust, not molecules, atoms or strawberries

Seth Godin – Free Samples

These are my investments in connection, attention and (most importantly) trust.

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