Easy like Sunday morning

Photo Credit: maz hewitt via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: maz hewitt via Compfight cc

I like Faith No More.  They’re a great band and their version of the Commodores classic is a masterclass in how to create a cover version.  It’s close enough to the original to sound familiar but different enough to distinguish itself.

My excuse for shoehorning my favourite band into yet another post is purely because of the title. I mean, who else thinks your job is easy? Anyone can do L&D can’t they?  It’s just standing at the front of a room isn’t it? Or, even easier, taking some slides and sticking them in an elearning module.

This post was prompted by a tweet from Bianca Woods a couple of weeks ago:

Why do so many ppl with little to no knowledge of training think that they can write/rewrite training? *sigh*

I want to stress this isn’t a diva-esque cry to keep away from my things. If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know my approach is entirely about people pulling support they need, co-designing the content and intervention they need with their peers. It’s more about the opinion that many hold that L&D is easy.

My personal bugbear is when you’re asked to ‘just build a course’? Simple isn’t it, just create some slides, and a few activities. More of a challenge is the manager who, on hearing of a topic you’re working on, sends you a dozen slides from a session they attended a couple of years ago. Worse still, they expect their slides to be included in what you’re designing even though the link to the topic is gossamer thin at best.

What frustrates me is that, in order to make out job seem more complex, we add layers of jargon to differentiate ourselves from the work that the organisation does.

So, what’s your challenge? What parts of L&D is easy resound with you? Let me know in the comments

2 responses to “Easy like Sunday morning

  1. What really grates me is those in senior roles who have delivered the odd bit of training and suddenly are expert at knowing about L&D methodology, learning environments and how to deliver effective learning content.


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